Snacks and Coffee

Coffee is so much better when there is snacks to accompany them right? In this post we will explore what kind of snacks that would be a perfect fir to accompany your coffee.

First we got this video:

and there are this article

Which basically said there are:

  1. Stroopwaffel
  2. Tim Tam
  3. Bacon and Egg
  4. Doughnut
  5. Beignet
  6. Snack Bar

I’m going to give emphasis on snack bar here, because that is my personal favorite. Well because it’s practical, easy to find, and cheap. However i will give my very personal recommendation on SOYJOY. Other than it is a healthy snack bar with many health benefits, it’s a good menu diabetes¬†too.

So yeah I like my coffee companion snacks, and I hope this post serves you well


Till next post!

Life Happens, Coffee Helps.

This blog will be dedicated about my journey through the world of coffee. Might be good, might be not. Just like coffee (heh). There will be lots and lots of coffee in the near future, and maybe some kind of snacks and a bit of foods as well.

It will not be suitable if we don’t start this off with a video about my favourite beans with my favourite brewing method.